Your First and Last Call In Electrical Service

Recessed Lighting Installation

Tired of dated light fixtures and uneven lighting ruining the look of your home? Need more light in a workspace in your house like a kitchen, office, workshop, or craft room? Want the beautiful, even, and efficient light provided by recessed lighting also known as can lights in your living room or dining area? Can lights are functional, sophisticated, and modern, and can be an excellent update to your living space. Contact us to discuss your options on sizes, layout, color and more!

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Purchased a new or used electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle and want the convenience and savings of charging at home? Or do you have an electric car charger that’s outdated and you need an upgrade to newer technology? Contact us to discuss your EV charger needs — from a basic Level 1 charger that you can use to top up overnight, to a Level 2 charger that can fill up your electric vehicle in hours, to the convenience of the new DCFC (direct current fast charging) or “Level 3” charger that can get you to 80% in as little as 20 minutes to an hour! We’ll get your electric vehicle charger installed so you can also save time and money while you’re helping the environment.

Main Electrical Panel Replacement and Repairs

Need more power for your hot tub/spa or your new electric vehicle charger? Or is your current panel a safety concern? We do main panel replacement (aka “service upgrade” or “service replacement”) and panel repairs. If you’ve bought a new home or you’re considering remodeling yours, contact us for a free panel inspection and to discuss your electrical needs.

Electrical Troubleshooting and Repairs

Got any issues with plugs/receptacles/outlets? Lights flickering? Have a burning smell in your house? Can’t run your air fryer and your microwave at the same time? Contact us and we’ll get you sorted out. No job is too big or small for our electricians.

Generator Installation

Next time the power goes out (and to my Santa Cruz Mountains people, you know that it’s a regular occurrence!), imagine, without even the flick a switch, you could have power back on to your house immediately with a generator. With an automatic transfer switch, your lights won’t even go out. No more sitting in the darkness with a dwindling phone battery, worrying about the food going bad in your powerless fridge. Keep medical equipment on, your well pump running, and your Internet up. Storms, PSPS, and other interruptions are an inevitability but you can be prepared. Contact us to figure out what size and type of generator will serve your needs and get it safely installed before the next power outage!

As home service electricians we understand that your home electrical is critical for everyday life and that a dangerous situation could arise at any time. Electrical problems can strike at any time so we are always on standby.

Lost power? Can’t find that burning smell in your house? Did your electrical panel get damaged in a storm? Strange buzzing sound from your panel? If you need urgent service, don’t hesitate to call or text — if we’re not busy on another emergency, we’ll do our best to be out there within an hour, any time of day, any day of the year.

Whole House Rewires

Is your home’s electrical a little dated? Still have knob and tube or 2-prong, ungrounded receptacles? Need more circuits/outlets/appliances but your current electrical system won’t support it? If you want to bring your home’s electrical into the modern era, Contact us and we can figure out your rewire needs.

Smart Home Design and Installation

Ever dreamed of the convenience of operating your home through your phone? Smart devices and systems let you manage your lighting, sound systems, air conditioning & heating, security & CCTV, even your washing machine and fridge. We can set up your Smart Home so that with the ease and simplicity of a phone app, you can dial in your house to your perfect preferences, save energy and money, and stay connected to your home when you’re away. Interested in simply adding some smart features, or getting as close to fully automated as you can? Contact us to discuss your options.

Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

Want to take your beautiful garden to the next level by highlighting its best features? Not sure whether you want uplighting, sconces, or walkway lights? Whether you need spotlights for security, path lights or step lights for safety, or deck lights for entertaining, Contact us for all your landscape and outdoor lighting and electrical needs.

Home Theater Design and Installation

Looking for the perfect way to watch movies and shows at home? Want a system that looks great and is easy to use? Need a TV installed cleanly with no dangling wires? For audio and video systems that are customized to your needs, Contact us!

Hot-Tub Circuits

Do you dream of relaxing in a hot tub after a long day? Want to enjoy a home sauna or spa? Make relaxation your reality; Contact us to discuss your options.

And more. Generally speaking, if it’s in a house, and it’s got wires, we can do it! Contact us